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Market Commentary
 December 14, 2018
Good Morning,
Buy the rumor, sell the fact reaction in the markets yesterday resulted in the soybeans selling off which pulled corn lower. Chinese soybean sales numbers that were not even close to the 5 to 8 MMT rumors that came from last week’s meeting had traders in a sell mode. In positive news the Chinese did announce that beginning January 1, they would suspend their tariffs on $126 billion of US automobiles and products. This is another confirmation of the Presidents promise that tariffs on US autos would revert back to the 15% level before the trade war began.
I would advise producers to start looking at making sales for October/November of 2019 at the current levels. We are currently in the 70th percentile for the last five years with current prices in the $3.70-3.75 range. Any sale that can be made at or above this percentile is strongly recommended. If we increase corn acreage in 2019 by 4-5 million acres next year and drop yield back to 175 bpa we could very easily push next year’s carryout over 2.0 billion bushels. This is why I would advise producers to have a minimum of 20% of your fall corn sold at this level.
Have a Safe Day!
Garry Gard

Columbia County Corn Growers - December 13, 2018 8:00am - 12:00pm
   *NRCS Update
   *Land and Water Conservation Update
   *FSA Update
   *Grain Market Update
   *Tar Spot adn other disease management for 2019
   *Waterhemp and other resistant weed programs for 2019
   *UW Extension Update

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Days we will be closed or closing early in December:
12/12/18 - Closing at 12:00pm
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Didion is Hiring!
If you know someone that is looking for employment or a change let us know. If we hire your referral you could get up to $1000! We have several openings within our company. Here are just a few of the current positions:
Grain & Supply Chain Commodities Analyst             Biofuel QA Lab Technician
Logistics Manager                                                        Grain Merchandiser                   
Grain Facility Maintenance Technician                      Raw Corn Receiving Operator              
Mill Plant Manager                                                        Miller             
Electrical Instrumentation & Controls Technician     Biofuels Technician - Entry or Experienced  
Soybean Plant Operator                                                   
                                              For more details or to apply visit:


Safety Tips
 12 Tips for Winter Driving
1. Allow enough time to get to your destination. Rushing in difficult driving conditions can lead to an accident. Turn your radio on to listen to the road report and weather forecast. Leave a few minutes earlier in the morning, and allow plenty of time to get to work. Buckle up your seat belt or safety restraint before you start driving.
2. Stay alert. Don't drive when you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or certain medications. Read the labels of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines to determine if they can cause drowsiness. Driving demands your full attention.
3. Stay calm. Sometimes other drivers will become frustrated with slow-moving traffic. Keep your temper and don't let other drivers aggravate you. Maintain a safe speed and drive defensively.
4. Keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles. The "two second rule" works well on dry roads and in ideal conditions, but in winter you should extend it to four seconds. Watch the vehicle directly ahead of you. As it passes a stationary object start counting - "one thousand and one", "one thousand and two", and so on. Your vehicle should not pass the same object until you say the word "four."
5. Keep your car well-maintained and in good working order. This includes having good tread on your tires, the engine tuned-up for winter, and all lights functioning properly. In colder climates, you may need to add anti-freeze to the radiator. In some areas, gasoline antifreeze may be required.
6. Clean your windows and headlights frequently. Keep your windshield washer fluid topped up. Good visibility is essential to safe driving. Clean your windows and headlights of ice or snow before starting out, and repeat frequently throughout your trip.
7. Drive appropriately for the road conditions. The posted speed limit may be too fast under winter conditions. Driving on a wet road can cause hydroplaning as a thin barrier of water builds up between your tires and the road surface, causing your vehicle to slip. If you begin to lose control of your steering, take your foot off the gas.
8. Stay with your vehicle if it breaks down. Put on your emergency flashers and wait for assistance. Carry a sign for your window, asking other motorists to tell the police you need help.
9. Wait out bad weather. Strong icy winds in combination with snow or dust can make it impossible to see where you are driving - or walking. Under these conditions it is usually safest to stay with your vehicle and wait out the storm.
10. Plan your moves carefully. In slippery conditions, never jam on your brakes in a panic stop, you will most likely skid and lose control of the vehicle. Instead, pump your brakes gently a few times.
11. Avoid driving through deep puddles, especially at high speeds. The water can make your brakes less effective and, if deep enough, can cause serious engine damage. If you must drive through water and you are not sure about the depth, slow right down and cautiously inch forward until you are certain it is safe.
12. Quit driving when you begin to feel sleepy. If you have a long distance to drive, take frequent short breaks for fresh air and a walk around the vehicle.

ACH - Payment Form
If you are interested in ACH, please completely fill out the attached form and return it to Didion. Some financial institutions charge for this service.(You will have to check with yours to see if there is a fee) If you have a lien on your grain, we will not be able to pay you via ACH.  Click Here to view form. 

Didion Milling has trucks ready to serve you. We have hopper bottom and dump trailers of various sizes to fit your needs. We offer on-farm pickup throughout the year. Hourly rates are available should you need extra time to fill a trailer. Contact Garry or Mitch for more information on our trucking services.

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