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Market Commentary
 August 18, 2017
Good Morning,
Big time rally in the markets this morning with corn and beans both trading one cent higher. Sarcasm may not be in place, but after the last week of trade a one cent rally has to be considered a win.
Highlights heading into the weekend:
  • Pro Farmer tour begins on Monday. No one should expect the Tour to answer all of the questions about this year's crops, but it will offer the most value if it is understood exactly what data the Tour is and is not generating. The most important thing about the Tour is that it identifies the year-to-year trend. It puts a direction on this year's crop. This means that the Tour data is most meaningful when compared to past Tour data, not the government data. Scouts are checking their handbooks throughout the day to see if the pulled samples measure higher or lower than last year.
  • Argentina corn harvest is 85% complete and they are estimating the crop at 39 mmt.
  • China is reporting another outbreak of bird flu and has had to cull over 8000 birds, bringing the total culled to 250,000. This comes after the Philippines announced they will cull 600,000 birds die to an outbreak.
Have a Safe Weekend!
Garry Gard

Dear Valued Producer,

We are scheduling loads while we work thru the contracts that we have in place.

* We wil call you to schedule your loads

* We will be scheduilng June contracts first, followed by July and then August. 

* You are not allowed to deliver unless you have scheduled delivery with one of our grain buyers. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work thru this process. 

Didion Milling




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Receiving Hours

Closed Monday 8/21/17

Balance of the Week:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
By Appointment only!


ACH - Payment Form
If you are interested in ACH, please completely fill out the attached form and return it to Didion. Some financial institutions charge for this service.(You will have to check with yours to see if there is a fee) If you have a lien on your grain, we will not be able to pay you via ACH.  Click Here to view form. 

Didion Milling has more than 20 trucks ready to serve you. We have hopper bottom and dump trailers of various sizes to fit your needs. We offer on-farm pickup throughout the year. Hourly rates are available should you need extra time to fill a trailer. Contact Garry or Brenda for more information on our trucking services.

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