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 March 22, 2018
Good Morning,
Slower movement in the market again today, corn up one and soybeans even. The market is watching as more rain will be hitting Argentina as well as the likely chance of more tariffs directed at China from Trump.

We are a week out from the USDA report many have been waiting for, to see how stocks of corn have been affected by strong export, ethanol, and livestock demands. Beyond that, we are going to get more acreage numbers, this will be a great way to see our potential crop size for the coming year. Make sure to have firm offers in before Thursday’s report, this report often can cause some market volatility.

Have a Great Day!
Mitch Giebel


3/27/18 - 3/29/18  WPS Farm Show - Oshkosh, WI

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All loads must be scheduled prior to delivery. 

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Safety Tips

Family Emergency Plan

The National Safety Council recommends every family have an emergency plan in place in the event of a natural disaster or other catastrophic event. Spring is a great time to review that plan with family members.
Have a home and car emergency kit. The Federal Emergency Management Agency says an emergency kit should include one gallon of water per day for each person, at least a three-day supply of food, flashlight and batteries, first aid kit, filter mask, plastic sheeting and duct tape, and medicines. Visit the FEMA website for a complete list.
The emergency plan also should include:
A communications plan to outline how your family members will contact one another and where to meet if it's safe to go outside
A shelter-in-place plan if outside air is contaminated; FEMA recommends sealing windows, doors and air vents with plastic sheeting
A getaway plan including various routes and destinations in different directions
Also, make sure your first aid kit is updated.


ACH - Payment Form
If you are interested in ACH, please completely fill out the attached form and return it to Didion. Some financial institutions charge for this service.(You will have to check with yours to see if there is a fee) If you have a lien on your grain, we will not be able to pay you via ACH.  Click Here to view form. 

Didion Milling has trucks ready to serve you. We have hopper bottom and dump trailers of various sizes to fit your needs. We offer on-farm pickup throughout the year. Hourly rates are available should you need extra time to fill a trailer. Contact Garry or Mitch for more information on our trucking services.

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